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Drawstring Makeup Pouch Bag

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Shopaholic Dreams

With Drawstring Makeup Pouch Bag you will never have to rifle through your makeup bag to find your favorite beauty product again.

This unique, expandable bag opens flat to create an on-the-go makeup station.

Unique Design: No more digging and dumping in your traditional makeup bags. Quick Make Up Bag’s revolutionary and chic design will surely simplify your life. When you open the drawstrings, the bag lays out completely flat within seconds and you can see all the products at once.

Drawstring Makeup Pouch Bag features a mini pocket on the outside and two zipper pockets on the inside, where you can store all those small sized makeup essentials, jewelry and more.

  • Origin: Imported
  • Thickness: 10 silk
  • Type: Storage Bags